OSHA Appeals Consulting

If your organization receives an OSHA citation, experiences a serious injury or fatality, contact Behavior Safety Associates, LLC immediately. Our safety professionals have successfully appealed hundreds of citations, reducing penalties or having them dismissed.

The U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, better known as OSHA, will make notification in writing by certified mail of any citations / penalties received. Your organization has only 15 working days to either pay the penalties or contest the citation, the penalties, or both. Failure to contest the citation confirms the penalty as final. This is where BSA’s staff can assist you. It is Behavior Safety Associates, LLC’s policy to contest all citations. Notify BSA of any communication or documentation received from the regulatory agency.

OSHA has the right to conduct inspections of company facilities. Behavior Safety Associates, LLC will assist your organization to assure any regulatory inspection is conducted in a professional, respectful, and constructive manner. Our professionals will assist your organization to demonstrate the safety and health of employees are a primary concern to your company. Professionalism in managing regulatory visits is as important as any other aspect of your work.

As a proactive measure, Behavior Safety Associates, LLC will train the primary company representative designated to meet with regulatory officials, as well as several key employees in case the primary company representative is off site or unavailable at the time of an inspection.