Hazard Communication

Many operations use potentially hazardous chemicals in their operations or processes.   To protect the safety and health of employees, chemicals and products containing chemicals must be evaluated, and information concerning their physical and health hazards must be communicated to all personnel with a potential for exposure.  Behavior Safety Associates, LLC assists clients to develop a written Hazard Communication Program, to implement the program and train employees as required by 29 CFR 1910.1200(e)(1).
Behavior Safety Associates, LLC provides employees and new hires at their initial assignment effective information and training on hazardous chemicals in their work area:

  • Requirements of the Hazard Communication Program
  • The hazardous properties of chemicals at the facility where they work
  • Any operations in their work area where hazardous materials are present
  • Location of the written Hazard Communication Program, listing hazardous chemicals present and MSDSs
  • How to determine necessary precautions for protection from hazardous chemicals
  • Actions and information required when bringing a new chemical into their facility
  • Who to notify in the event of a spill/release/emergency or accident