Fall Prevention

The purpose of the Behavior Safety Associates Fall Prevention Program is to provide required work practices, equipment use, training, and safeguarding methods for employees when working above 6 feet or with installations such as scaffolding. The written policy and procedures are provided for guidance in meeting the requirements of OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926.501‑503 and Appendix C.

Behavior Safety Associates LLC can provide your organization with written fall protection procedures to support and involve employees who work with jobs requiring fall protection. This written plan is intended to be used in implementing procedures to ensure work with fall protection is carried out safely to minimize the possibility of injury or harm.

Our safety professionals will conduct a hazard assessment throughout the location to identify potential fall hazards and to implement appropriate fall protection methods. Where procedures or equipment warrant, training will be provided to both users and the supervisor of the user on proper inspection and use of equipment and proper implementation of procedures.

Fall protection safe work practices must be observed whenever a location employee works on ladders, at heights or with fall protection. The rules established provide a safe working environment and govern the use of fall protection procedures and equipment.