behavior based safety

Behavior Safety Associates, LLC applies the science of behavior change to real world problems. Our professionals focus on what people do, analyze why they do it, and then apply a research-supported intervention strategy to improve what people do. At its very core BBS is based on a larger scientific field called Organizational Behavior Analysis. To be successful a BBS program must include all employees. This includes the senior management to hourly employees. BSA’s program consists of:

  • Common goals – Both employee and managerial involvement in the process
  • Definition of what is expected – Specifications of target behaviors derived from safety assessments
  • Systematic observational data collection
  • Decisions about how best to proceed based on those data
  • Feedback to associates being observed
  • Review and continuous improvement

Behavior-based safety must have attitude adjustment deriving in part from observations, feedback and reinforcement to be sustaining. The goal should be small gains over and over again; continuous growth. BBS is not a quick fix. It is a sustained commitment.

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