About Us

Based in Southern California, Behavior Safety Associates, LLC (BSA) is a network of qualified consultant and strategic partners situated in key countries. You can rely on our consultants to provide the level of services you need to establish and maintain a safe workplace.

Behavior Safety Associates has extensive international and domestic experience building proactive occupational safety management systems into workplace cultures to improve self-regulating safety performance. We assess client facilities, proactively addressing safety issues, and building world-class safety leadership teams. BSA implements corporate safety management systems for OHSAS 18000, management of change (MOC), construction and emergency response projects. Our experts provide professional development of managers and field staff. We also review, apply, and monitor regulatory compliance.

Since 1982 we have developed and implemented Safety Management Systems; Organizational Development; safety culture assessment; HSE procedures; life-critical procedures and permitting. We assist clients with incident investigation and root cause analysis, risk assessment, hazard recognition and mitigation, and Critical Task Analysis / Job Safety Analysis. Our professionals possess strong verbal and written communication skills and presentation experience. Over the years we have worked with various levels of employees with flexiblity to meet client priorities.


Proven professionals experienced in building core safety and health values into domestic and international workplace cultures. We develop and manage safety, behavioral safety, and loss control projects to improve productivity for clients. Our specialists proactively address safety and effectively build world-class safety teams. We interact, work with and support diverse workforces, including field employees and company management, as well as governmental agencies, contractors, vendors and consultants.


· Launching HSE Initiatives · Behavior-Based Safety Leadership · Emergency Response Expertise
· Implementing Loss Control · Develop / Manage SH&E Programs · Multicultural Experience
· Gap Analysis Audits · Negotiations with Regulatory Agencies · Dynamic Trainers

We have:

  • Conducted on-site loss control surveys to identify gaps between SH&E policies and actual practices for domestic and international clients. Knowledgeable of SH&E regulatory requirements and best practices.
  • Provided clients with written and photographic reports documenting hazards and exposures, as well as specific, practicable recommendations for mitigating hazards and exposures.
  • Supplied safety specialists for BP Gulf Horizon incident.
  • Evaluated HSE effectiveness of 18,000-employee Exploration and Producing Business Line of world’s largest producer of crude oil.
  • Designed and taught site-specific behavioral safety programs in the field to increase awareness of proactive behavioral safety measures.
  • Devised, managed and participated in a system contractor pre-qualification audits to evaluate hazard control effectiveness of contractors performing safety-sensitive tasks.
  • Conceptualized, wrote and presented modular safety training programs as part of an international safety initiative for a global manufacturer and installer of heavy equipment.
  • Assisted clients in successfully developing affirmative defenses to appeal Cal/OSHA and OSHA citations. Experienced in informal and formal appeal process.
  • Worked with clients’ management teams and employees, implementing Emergency Preparedness and Action Plans following NIMS / SEMS guidelines.
  • Instituted ergonomics programs leading to substantial reduction in worker complaints, and significantly reduced injuries and workers compensation claims through introduction of supervisory safety accountability and involvement programs.
  • Performed HSE and loss control surveys for diverse clients, identifying areas of good and poor performance. Actively supported management in defining and executing targeted HSE and loss control objectives.
  • Provided expert HSE and loss control consulting and training services to a highly diversified domestic and international client base including oil and gas, construction, aerospace, chemical, heavy manufacturing, and heath care industries, as well as utilities, school districts, and municipal governments.
  • Assisted clients in developing written company-wide HSE policies and procedures, as well as implementing major changes to HSE management systems. Developed and delivered HSE training and development workshops.
  • Managed and implemented behavioral safety programs for clients to integrate and support corporate HSE initiatives designed to drive best practices.
  • Led and directed efforts to achieve client safety, industrial hygiene and environmental goals for multiple facilities.
  • Conducted interactive management and safety leadership team workshops supporting loss control, risk management and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Performed client safety audits and gap analyses, hazard analyses and performed incident investigations. Evaluated clients’ controls, wrote reports and recommendations. Wrote / revised clients’ HSE policies and procedures.
  • Actively supported clients in managing data, monitoring performance, and identifying emerging trends.
  • Maintained working knowledge of federal, state, and local governmental safety and environmental regulations.
  • Provided clients with guidance on applicable Cal/OSHA / OSHA compliance, responded to OSHA and Cal/OSHA inquiries, and appealed citations when necessary.
  • Provided safety and loss prevention services to clients, including on-site loss prevention surveys and exposures. Identified areas for hazard reduction in written and verbal reports.
  • Conducted pre-construction and site safety audits for clients.
  • Developed written loss prevention and site-specific, written safety, health, environmental and emergency response management processes and policies.
  • Created effective administrative processes, corporate policies and training programs to assist clients achieve risk management objectives and S&H regulatory compliance.
  • Served as point of contact for regulatory agencies. Active in contesting and appealing regulatory citations, reducing or eliminating fines.
  • Conducted loss prevention and safety workshops in culturally diverse environments including: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Republic of the Philippines, Ukraine, Samoa, Trinidad, Poland, Russia, and Northern Mariana Islands (Guam, Tinian and Saipan).